Lineup 2017

Jerry Faye

Saint John, NB

Jerry-Faye Flatt is a singer songwriter from Saint John, NB, currently living in Fredericton to attend university. She writes songs about all sorts of life experiences from her teenage and young adult years. Jerry-Faye just finished her first year at St. Thomas University, where she is studying journalism and communications while also writing songs and playing shows. She has played at various music festivals since she was 16, including Folly Fest, Evolve, Ham Jam, Afternoon Delight, and Midsummer Madness. Now 21 years old, Jerry-Faye is working on getting enough songs together for a full length album. She has also recently been invited to play in a new project called Aminal, where she plays bass and sings backup vocals with Colin Bonner and Aidan Bullock. Jerry-Faye also started the band Brother Faye (on bandcamp) and Regardless (also on band camp). Jerry-Faye had been playing a lot of solo gigs this spring, and plans on to continue throughout the summer.

The 2017 List So Far…

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