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Halifax, NS

Born of funk and flow, Veev showcases the classic house sound with influences from disco, funk, jazz, and soul. This shows through Veev as a Producer/DJ/Artist/Promoter/Radio Host. He brings to the table an energy like none other. Born in Nova Scotia Canada, his skills on the decks have been moving feet in the House scene for just over a decade.

Veev has played many notable shows throughout the years such as three shows in Ibiza Spain, playing at Bora Bora with Barbara Tucker & DJQ, and Twism&B3RAO, OceanBeat Bost Cruise with Barbara Tucker & DJQ, and Twism&B3RAO, and also TULP Ibiza. Four consecutive Winter Music Conference’s in Miami where Veev has also held an event with some of the best in House on the bill. Five times at Evolve Festival, Canada’s best Music Festival (as voted by CBC). He also has his Album release tour coming up in October through November where he has stops such as Chicago, California, Cincinati, Millwakei, Texas, Toledo and more! Veev has his own weekly live DJ radio show on Sugar Shack Recordings where he features artists from Nova Scotia every show. Also a monthly radio show on Amsterdam’s Most Wanted Radio and London Live FM. Veev was one of two Canadians to first represent Canada on AMW live stream radio world wide. He was a Featured Artist in the DJ MAG Canada’s Magazine December of 2013 for the Maritimes, and in CanadianBeats.com.

When Veev was at the age of 23 he moved up a notch to producing the music he enjoys so much. Veev has tracks out some some of the top House labels in the game. With tracks signed on Farris Wheel Recordings, Juiced Music, Liberate Recordings, Full House Digital Recordings, Modulate Goes Digital, Spins and Needles, Disco Legends, Sugar Shack Recordings, Doin Work Records, Big City Beats, Regulate Records, Believe In Disco, EMBY, Pocket Jacks Trax, Frosted Recordings, LW Recordings, Royal Music Recordings, Rhythm Mystic Recordings, and H.A.R.D. He has also done remixes for Corduroy Mavericks (2), Demarkcus Lewis, Doc Link & Eman, Brock Landers, UC Beatz, Maggs Bruchez, Aback, Coy West, Joey Chicago, SoleDrifter, Ruban Neass, J Skilz and D-Mass. He has had 4Peace, J. Caprice, Doc Link, Scott Ducey, Ryan Truman and James The Cat for remixers on his EP’s.

His music has reached many spots in the Top 10, Top 5 and even Top 3 on Traxsource Jackin House and has been Charted by legends and up and comers in the House scene on their personal charts on Traxsource, BeatPort, Stompy, Etc. Some of these artists include Joey Chicago, Corduroy Mavericks, Demarkcus Lewis, UC Beatz, Doc Link, Random Soul, Husky, Milty Evans, 4Peace, Ryan Truman, Topa, Demuir, Wayne Brett, J Lettow, Scott Ducey, Juwan Rates, El Seano, Preach, Twism, Michael Murica, Jason Skilz, and Meems and so many more artists!

Veev has played shows with some of the biggest heavy hitters in House Music such as Johnny Fiasco, Chuck Love, Jason Hodges, Sonny Fodera, Gene Farris, Tommy Largo, Soulmates, J Paul Ghetto, Corduroy Mavericks, Lloydy Lou, Jonn Hawley, J Caprice, Preach, J Lettow, Gramophonedzie, Ed Marco, Doc Link, Scott Ducey, Chuck Daniels, T Mixwell, Corey Steers, and so many more!

Veev is not stopping with his productions and events!In 2014 alone he has released 54 signed tracks and he has well over 25 new tracks signed and ready to be release on major labels with big players in the game on the remixes (on top of what is mentioned above). So keep and ears out for Veev as he is sure to break ground and make positive waves in House Music!

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