Lineup 2015

Jonathan David

Toronto, ON

Jonathan David is a Canadian underground house music artist that specializes in the realms of tech-House and tribal-techno music. Originally from Toronto Ont, he has been calling the Maritimes home for the past three years.

When it comes to describing this man for the purpose of a bio it’s pretty simple….an artist with a straight up no bull shit attitude behind the decks and in the studio.

Having dedicated his life to electronic music since 1996 he has been involved on all levels of promotions, studio production and DJ performance and has stuck to his guns through out the recent commercialization of dance music around the world. His style of DJ sets have always been described as emotional performances which exploit tribal drums, heavy rhythms and rolling bass lines that invoke the senses of any hardcore house, tribal or techno music lover. His sets have been heard through out North American, Mexico as well as some of the oldest nightclubs in Europe.

Along with djing for 17 plus years, Jonathan has also been busy at work in the studio for the last half decade with releases on some of the elite underground record labels of today. He has produced for labels like Younan Music (USA), Natura Viva (ITA), Cloning Sound (BGR), Frequenza (ITA), Kaato Music (GER) and Moveubabe Records (UK) amongst others and there is no sigh of him taking his foot off the gas anytime soon. With a slew of original releases and remixes set to come out this summer, Jonathan has also teamed up with local disco and house legend Veev for an EP to be released on Patrick M’s label Xima Records in Miami this May.

Jonathan could not be more excited to attend his first Evolve Festival and bring his drums to the hungry children of the Evolve family. Look forward to this set of serious business from one of Canada’s veterans.

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