Lineup 2015

SYSTMS & LoaGaze

Halifax, NS / Montreal, QC


SYSTMS is a heavy bass act you don’t want to miss!

Bringing it one step father with an up close and personal live show of finger drumming and controllerism routines on MASCHINE and the MPC.  Specializing in producing and mixing the freshest trill hybrid future beats, mind-bending neurofunk, and melodic liquid drum and bass.

You can also expect to get lifted with the talented MC and partner in crime – LOA GAZE – droppin’ rhymes.

Constantly pushing his best on original productions and videos has gained the praise of idols like Mad Zach, High Maintenance, iLL Gates, Apash, and even an official project for Black Tiger Sex Machine.  Also supported by Lasersquid music, Bass Bias Records, HOME BASS events and blogs including EDM.com.


L0A Gaze

L0A Gaze (formally known as Wolfminds) is an experimental Hip hop/fusion Rapper and Producer  from Montreal/Halifax. The Loa, also known as Invisibles or Mystères, are the liaisons, in Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo, between humankind and Bondye, the distant “Creators. L0A Gaze  sounds would suggest his own desire to link the spiritual and real worlds through trippy production and hazy psychedelia coupled with skillful raps, insightful messages and an ongoing mission to bring down the all seeing eye. 

The 2015 List So Far…

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