Lineup 2015

Cirque Inverta

Halifax, NS

Cirque Inverta (formerly known as Urban Chameleon) is an acrobatic and aerial theatre company based out of Halifax NS. Members have performed on Broadway, won national -world championships, and have over 20 years of experience performing for many different venues. Something extra special is planned for Evolve this year. Be sure to watch there Acro-Pole and Aerial performance showcasing unique tricks, spins, and fluid dance by Spiralynn, candice prior, Kristin Langille, Katelyn Rowe, Elspeth Bullock, and Shelby Williams.

If you want to learn to this yourself all of these artists teach at Studio In Essence Ltd and are pleased to be offering workshops this year again in Pole Fitness, and Aerial Hoop.

The 2015 List So Far…

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