Lineup 2015

Royal Kush Band

Sydney, NS

Royal Kush Band is a 4 piece Hip Hop/Reggae/ band from Cape Breton Island. Jim Melvin(lead vocals/guitar) formerly of Ventpipe Funk, Nokes(rapper) formerly Sick Kookies ,CBLA, JT Mitchell of Ricochet on bass and Carlin Macvicar on drums.

Nokes and Jim Melvin linked up in 2007 for Jim’s appearance on Sick Kookies track “Looky Looky”. After recording,having few beers and a long chat about similar influences the two toyed with the idea of someday making a rap album with instruments instead of beats.

Jim and Nokes as the first version of Royal Kush tried working on a song Jim wrote and composed called “A Dig” and since then opened for acts such as Snoop Dogg,Swollen Members,Three Sheet and many more. They started recording an album then eventually started jamming with Jesse MacInnis to enhance their percussion. Later on after losing Jesse to the money out west, they recruited JT and Carlin.

With a great foundation started, the crew hopes to be able to reach as many ears as possible in the coming year.

The 2015 List So Far…

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