Lineup 2015

Wobble Wallah

Halifax, NS

Not only a fearless dj but also a trail-blazing East Coast fire performer. Wobble Wallah has been dubbed Halifax’s official delegate of multicultural bass music. Expect to hear unique beats from the far reaches of India to the sweaty beaches of South America. The Wobble Wallah takes his listeners on a journey across the world with a mastery of soulful genre jumping, mixed with mind shattering bass music.

Bringing spirituality, high energy and attitude to every set he plays in the Maritime festival circuit, the Wobble Wallah expands a sense of perspective in his listeners. His mission: to harness the power of bass music in order to bring us back to the very roots of our own tribal connection to dance and rhythm. Wickedly engaging and timelessly delightful, this Wallah celebrates the fact that music moves our hearts, our bodies and intercepts our consciousness.

You may have seen this festi fave sharing the stage at Home Bass, representing the finest in underground bass music in Halifax. Or perhaps you glimpsed a flicker at one of the many fine festivals such as Evolve, Future Forest, Messtival, and Peace East to name a few! Many will recognize him by his alter ego- Kindling of Industribe! As a founding member of this fire circus collective, he is able to combine his love and skill of live mixing, hand drumming and fire performing into one powerful show- quite possibly the first of its kind!

Come prepared to hear eclectic mixes most primal, fully tribal and be ready to lose yourself and your worries in the weird and wonderful Wobble Wallah soundscape.

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