Lineup 2014

The following very impressive lineup of performers rocked the stages at the 15th annual Evolve Festival.  Don’t you wish you were there?  You really must come in 2015!


peaches1 Peaches
grandmasterflash Grandmaster Flash
keysnkrates Keys N Krates
grandtheft Grandtheft
heyrosetta Hey Rosetta!
a.paul A.Paul
randyMrLahey Randy & Mr. Lahey
lucyandsarah Lucy & Sarah & Trinity
zachdeputy Zach Deputy
delhi2dublin Delhi 2 Dublin
thefunkhunters The Funk Hunters
fredPenner Fred Penner
sonnyfedera Sonny Fodera
that1guy That 1 Guy
skratchbastid Skratch Bastid
smalltownDJs Smalltown DJs
funkanomics Funkanomics
scientistsofsound Scientists of Sound
OldManLuedecke Old Man Luedecke
slowcoaster Slowcoaster
Dezza Dezza
timothywisdom Timothy Wisdom
royalcanoe Royal Canoe
thegaff The Gaff
wetpaint Wet Paint
jimmyswiftband The Jimmy Swift Band
gdss Gratefully Deadicated Soundsystem
nophotoyet LTTRS & NMBRS
threesheet Three Sheet
carmentownsend Carmen Townsend
dubkartel Dub Kartel
deadhorsebeats Dead Horse Beats
mikegleeson Mike Gleeson
pineoloeb Pineo & Loeb
djiv DJ IV
nophotoyet Mike Boyd
hornitz The Hornitz
williestratton Willie Stratton
claire Claire
thebellecomedians The Belle Comedians
lesPaiens les Païens
nophotoyet The Caravan Taco Supreme Mega Set
coyote Coyote
killawail KillaWail
gisto Gisto
dangercat Danger Cat
northlakes The North Lakes
houseofdavidgang House of David Gang
nophotoyet Slowco Steve & Slowco Mike’s Acoustic Jamboree
Tommy Knuckles Tommy Knuckles
earthboundtrio Earthbound Trio
kdz KDZ
mollythomason Molly Thomason
Stephen Lewis and The BIG Band Of One Stephen Lewis and The BIG Band Of One
veev VEEV
jinxthecat Jinx the Cat
camsmith Cam Smith
thewayo The Wayo
jordanmusycsyn Jordan Musycsyn Band
mizzmaxine Mizz Maxine
Jules Bangsworth Jules Bangsworth
jonahhache Jonah Haché
lasersquad LaserSquad
durians Durians
thespaceage The Space Age
Isaac Haze Isaac Haze
adamadler Hank Moogy
cliffordmyers Clifford Myers
mayhemingways Mayhemingways
wetgrowlight Wet Grow Light
elephantskeletons Elephant Skeletons
aawallace AA Wallace
Zora the Sultan Zora the Sultan
Charife charife
cynl Cyn L
Lyra DJ Lyra
voguedots Vogue Dots
whaleskin Whale Skin
djquestquecest DJ Quesquecest
Trillionaires Trillionaires
briantalbot Brian Talbot
Scout Scout
coree Coree Jamez & Steven P
groovycuvy Groovy Cuvy
pookie Pookie
gtfckd GT FCKD
Dobba Dobba
Lash Larue Lash LaRue
extremities The Extremities
thejuice THEJUiCE
Wiley Kyoto Wiley Kyoto
defchild Def Child
wobblewallah Wobble Wallah
therealmolloy The Real Malloy
systms SYSTMS
hoodlum Hoodlum
trevormuxworthy Trevor Muxworthy
tightwarm TIGHTWARM
DJ5erg1c DJ 5erg1c
giordani Giordani
sociallyexceptable Socially Exceptable
beforethewar Before The War
Nurse Nurse
butchtail Butch Tail
evolutionsounds Evolution Sounds
saratonin Saratonin
Skeemer Skeemer
justincredible JustinCredible
San Miguel San Miguel
nophotoyet Dale Manette
lloydylou Lloydy Lou
ednizzam eD Nizzam
dono Dono
nophotoyet Bernto
loagaze L0Agaze
Methuselah Methuselah
alfie Alfie
buckbanger Buck Banger
nophotoyet Gwen West
Mulligan Mulligan
troypower Troy Power
jacksonstrut Jacksonstrut
eddiehedphones Eddie Hedfones
mkw MKW
Club Stoic Club Stoic
dylanmiller Dylan Miller
sensibros SENSIBROS
nophotoyet Amazona Tokpat
charlottedaywilson Charlotte Day Wilson
dyazz D-Yazz
djmathematix Dj Mathematix
dackandblecker Dack & Blecker
fauxblu FAUX/BLU
bustin Bustin’
nophotoyet Just Q & JonahMeltWave
chrispoirer Chris Poirier
jerry-sadie Regardless
stickybandits The Sticky Bandits