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Montreal / Melbourne

 KillaWail – ‘One Single Breath’ from killawailmusic on Vimeo.

The independent, bone-shattering band KillaWail features musicians from Montreal and Melbourne.

The music is defined by the combination of garage/soul with syncopated horn-blasts alongside lyrics that are all at once sung, spelt and spat.

With all early material and contact between the members separated by miles of blue ocean, KillaWail was formed from a chance meeting at a gas station in Montreal while Benji was on tour for the Resignators (AUS) in ’09. It was to take two years to finally come together.

Presently, recorded in Montreal’s famous Piccolo Studios, “Get Me Wise” EP features 5 furious and imaginative pieces.

With influences from several styles and backgrounds, KillaWail performs and records music as an independent artist; a testament to music’s raw power to criss-cross the Pacific Ocean, simultaneously destroying dancefloors and overcoming improbability and expectation.

Having toured in Canada and Australia, their live energy remains a cornerstone; expect to see a fierce performance of five, upholding a reputation as a vital and distinctive live band.

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