Lineup 2014

Before The War

Fredericton, NB

Before The War was formed in Fredericton NB by guitarist Camilo V. and drummer Jason Sonier sometime in spring 2013. Camilo had been looking for a drummer to start a jammy roots-rock band for a while, but didn’t find the right timing and motivation to get started until the group Jason and him played in disbanded. Long-time friend and percussionist Juan Morales was quickly added to the fold, and he suggested his Tumba Sound bandmate Jason Flores to round things up on bass.

Things picked up when The Esquire Trio found themselves suddenly unable to fulfill their allocated spot at Evolve Festival in summer 2013. With little time to react, Camilo and Juan (2/3 of the esquires at the time) refused to break their commitment and prepared the first BTW set instead, an amalgam of the trio’s and Camilo’s songs put together with a couple covers. The band debuted, billed as The Esquire Trio, with a well-received early show on the festival’s main stage.

Before The War spent the rest of 2013 refining and expanding on that work, and the band re-launched under their own name with a 2-set night at The Red Herring Pub in St. Andrews on May 2014. They are currently preparing a return to the stage that first saw them live, and pondering the the benefits of studio recording over the mystique of one-shot, live-only performances.

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