Lineup 2014

eD Nizzam

Calgary, AB

eD is Not an NBC television program, nor is he a line editor for the Unix operating system!

eD is not an altar or related place in some English translations of the Bible!

eD is 100% Banana and loves house music when things are deep, sexy, funky techy, jackin’& bumpin’ so that is how he delivers it!

Often imitated never duplicated.

Playing records since the age of 3 eD has played the s#!t out of Mickey Mouse’s Disco & Suzy Q-Get On Up Do It Again etc…
eD born & raised in Toronto grew up in the 80’s which meant he was influenced by disco, big hair cheesy rock, new wave & early stages of rap before it was labelled Hip-Hop, with infusions of funk and soul.

At the age of 9 he can thank his older sisters for showing him what Reggae, House & Ska was all about.

Deeply rooted in this new sound and growing up with friends from the Caribbean & West Indies, is probably why eD has so much patios instilled in his vocabulary.

Throughout high school eD has played extensively all over Toronto for other High School dances, bars & clubs that used to sneak him in the backdoor before he was even legal.

(*Insert 2 decades of intense madness involving all kinds of random acts of fun that cannot be stated for the record, and in this time has played alongside, billed with and opened up for Tommy Largo, Johnny Fiasco, Gene Farris, Wally Callerio, Ian Pooley, Forrest Avery, Chuck Daniels, JT Donaldson, Jon Delerious, Isis Graham too name a few.) eD even has a festival called EDFEST which happens every year in September!

Nowadays eD has launched his own record label called “Northroc Records” which was inspired by his best friend!

eD is now in the studio writing & remixing tracks… Listening to demos and all the usual stuff involved with running a label!

Catch eD Nizzam every Wednesday from 1-3pm EST// 3-5pm MST// 23:00-01:00 CET on
With an eye on this oyster, eD hopes & wishes to some day play the world in 80 days!

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