Lineup 2014

Wobble Wallah

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax’s official delegate of multicultural bass music. You can expect sounds from the far reaches of India to the sweaty beaches of South America all mashed together by a true Maritimer. No borders, all bass musics possible! Moombahton, Juke, Trap, Tropical Bass, Transnational Dubstep, Mantra’s, Bollywood, and much more!

The Wobble Wallah’s mission is to use the power of bass music to bring us back to the very roots of our spiritual connection to dance, rhythm, and the feeling we get within this sacred and shared experience.

Last year you may have witnessed this Wallah in action at most of the major east coast festivals. Midsummer Madness, Future Forest, Collaborate and Listen, Kollecktiv, and for the first time, Evolve!

After a milestone performance opening the new Home Bass stage at evolve 2O13,this festi frick was invited to join the HomeBass family as one of their talented selecta’s helping push the finest in underground bass music in Halifax. For the last few years the Wobble Wallah has been mastering his skills abroad playing shows in Goa, India; as well as in the Himalayan Mountains.

You may also recognize him by his alter ego- Kindling of Industribe- one of the longest running fire performing groups of eastern Canada. Now learning to combine live mixing, and fire performance into one full power show, get stoked to see what sort of magic this wallah will whip up in the coming festival season!

Come prepared for something most primal, fully tribal, and be open to loose yourself fully as you dance through the Wobble Wallahs sound-scape of electronic bass music.

Dj’n with a <3

A wallah may refer to:

  • Auto-wallah, driver of an auto rickshaw.
  • Chai-wallah, a boy or young man who serves tea.
  • Wobble-Wallah, an artist who mixes and servers up, grimy, wonky, worldly beats.

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