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Halifax, NS

Justin Payne “THEJUiCE” has been into music his whole life, at a young age he was heavily influenced by electronic/hiphop elements in movies and videogames. In 2008 he started a show “TheJuice902” on CKDU 88.1 FM, the goal was to play music that wasn’t being heard on mainstream radio or television.

It wasn’t until finding the UK/Canadian bass culture around 2009 that he really started to feel at home, it was the mixture of elements (HipHop/Grunge/Electronic) and the hard hitting basslines that appealed the most. Since then, he has performed at and hosted numerous shows and festivals. In 2010 he launched an independent record label and radio show “Bass Bias” with fellow DJs Retroid and Doc Brown, since then Bass Bias has gathered international support and artists and will be expanding across Canada in the near future.

In 2014 THEJUiCE’s main focus will be his original productions and pushing the boundaries within his genre. He will be releasing an EP as well as the upcoming Bass Bias LP003 (Summer 2014) which will feature both local and international talent across multiple bass genres.

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