Lineup 2014

Elephant Skeletons

Saint John, NB

Imagine: it’s 3am and somehow you ended up on some obscure subway line in what’s best described as a less-explored part of town. You exit the station and make your way out, past dark storefronts and graffiti-covered factories. You’re thinking maybe that girl at the bar gave you the wrong address when, from a monolithic warehouse up ahead you’re blasted with an intoxicating, throbbing beat of a sort you’ve never heard before.

Elephant Skeletons sounds like a crew of gypsy rockers threw a disco dance marathon. Often gritty, exploding with unexpected, kaleidoscopic bursts of sitar and circus horns, and occupying the sweet spot somewhere between Beruit and Beats Antique, Elephant Skeletons is the soundtrack to the party everyone wishes they knew about. Driving beats melded with klezmer brass create a sound that’s simultaneously cutting-edge-danceable and filled with serious soul.

For years, multi-instrumentalist Clifford J. Doucette has been rocking clubs, courtyard parties, flats and festivals throughout Eastern Canada with his power-folk group Wet Grow Light. Elephant Skeletons draws from the mysterious and energy-infused style of that 5 piece tour de force. Once again, Clifford is playing with some mysterious and powerful forces–but

Elephant Skeletons strips it down to reveal the essential components of a killer dance track.

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