Lineup 2014

Buck Banger

Halifax, NS

Tim Barrett never met a breakbeat he didn’t like. Beginning his dj journey in 2002 he was a bonified hip hopper through & through but still had an enormous love for electronic music, so he found himself trying to blend hip hop acapellas over techno records. In early 2005 he bought a few drum n bass vinyls @ the local record shop & instantly became an addict for jungle/drum n bass music.

After cutting his teeth on any dnb that came his way he started developing a style of his own when he discovered the sounds of Ragga Jungle. The earthy riddims & beats fused with dem reggae vocals he knew where his head would always be…deep in the heart of the Jungle.

He started his own production team / crew The Halifield Movement in late 2007, who are now notorious within the Halifax electronic community.

12 years & hundreds shows later, Buck Banger is a name synonymous with Jungle & Drum n Bass music on the East Coast of Canada. Ready, willing & able to rock crowds on the mic or the turntables, he’s sure to impress as he will always give you more Bang fo ya Buck!

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