Lineup 2014


Saint John, New Brunswick

Regardless is a duo from Saint John, New Brunswick consisting of Jerry-Faye Flatt and Sadie Donahue. The two began playing together in early 2012, around the city of Saint John at local charity events and progressing to playing music festivals in both 2013 and 2014. Both girls have enjoyed studying music since they were very young and brag that even though only 18, they have been playing music on a variety of instruments and singing for over 14 years! Both Jerry Faye and Sadie are recent graduates of the International Baccalaureate music program at Saint John High School where they studied music theory, history, notation and song writing. Their original tunes are of a folk type genre with a rock/punk edge. Their teenage angst lyrics are accompanied by guitar, melodic vocal harmonies,the occasional kojon(box drum), ukulele & bass. Currently, Sadie and Jerry-Faye are working on getting out an EP in time for Evolve. Watch for the girls promoting their Evolve shows and EP as wandering minstrals around the Evolve grounds this year!

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