Lineup 2014

les Païens

Moncton, New Brunswick

les Païens arguably put Moncton, NB on the jazz/rock map in Canada and have been able to bring instrumental loop based jazz/rock to audiences throughout eastern Canada and Europe. They don’t compromise, and have been presenting their original style with confidence since 1994. They navigate the fine line between challenging the audience and making their music accessible through strong melodies, infectious grooves and high caliber musicianship.

Launched in the francophone market in November 2013, Carte blanche, their newest work, was produced by Andrew Creeggan and is the result of two years of experimentation in this new musical direction. This, their 8th release, is an open door to their creative universe. Having completed their Épiphondes trilogy, which had imposed a certain direction to their last three albums, Les Païens were free to produce a recording with no limits. Entering the studio, the group had a handful of compositions. The remainder of the music came from improvisations in the studio.

influences : Miles Davis, Tortoise, Medeski Martin and Wood, Jagga Jazzist, Érik Truffaz, DJ Shadow…

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