Lineup 2014

The Wayo

Halifax, NS

The WAYO is a genre-crossing group from Halifax with roots in Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Post-Punk and R&B. They formed in 2012 and quickly garnered the affection of Halifax’s music scene, and released their debut “Wanderings” EP in February 2014. In July 2014 they will be opening for Robert Glasper at the Halifax Jazz Festival as well as showcasing on the Galaxie Rising Stars Stage.

“We’re not trying to enlighten anyone or make people think in any particular way. We’re hoping to provide a space for people to feel comfortable and be themselves, whether that’s at home with their headphones or at one of our shows.”

“‘We’re definitely looking for that emotional response from the audience.” says Rowan. “I feel like that’s why we relate so much to the idea of soul in our music.” Soul as an elemental force bonding both musician to audience and genre to genre guides The WAYO’s movement between musical scenes.”

“….Featuring distinctly funk and soul influences, but with a little bit of dream pop tonality mixed in for good measure, Wanderings manages to find a definitive voice on its own. There is no shortage of the WAYOs imprint upon the track, a group of people who clearly understand their sound thoroughly and are capable of exploring said sound fearlessly and with great relish.”

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