Lineup 2014


Calgary, AB / Antigonish, NS

From cutting mixed tapes using two tape decks to playing tunes in between whistles at hockey games, bernto has been glued to music from a very young age. As he’s gotten older, his taste in music exploded giving him such a rounded knowledge that he felt he needed to share it. Once he got behind a set of decks, there was no turning back. He found his medium of sharing that taste. As his musical ear became a finely tuned machine, he’s been able to refine his sound to the point where you know bernto is on. All these qualities combined with the technical skills that were honed over 10 years of hard work have given him the chance to share the stage with the likes of Krafty Kuts, Meat Katie, Dub FX, Lee Coombs, A.Skillz, Gramatik and Nick Thayer, to name a few. But sill, his most memorable sets have come at Evolve while rocking peaktime sets or blasting vinyl out of the back of a U-Haul or playing a sunrise set in the village. Or even just grabbing his music for one of the most memorable off-the-cuff 3 hour tag sets wih fellow Nisher Dono to close down the lazer yurt on Sunday while the sound guys kept trying to kick them off while every person that was still awake on the hill was dancing. Or maybe even opening things up last year for one of the best Sundays in the history of Evolve. One thing has become quite apparent… The time or place does not matter. When it comes to listening to the sounds of bernto, just be there with a good attitude and your feet will do things you never thought they could do.

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