Lineup 2018

Adam Moore

Fredericton born musician Adam Moore is a man on a mission, a mission to entertain. Over the years Adam has gained respect from both the public and music community alike for his versatile musicianship and high energy shows. Starting at a young age Adam Moore began diving headfirst into the music picking up and experimenting with any and all types of instruments and music alike. Whether he was playing his main instrument of the acoustic guitar, belting out a tune, playing the piano or beating on the drums, Adam’s main goal has always been to expand his understanding of the poetic, adventures world of music.

Adam takes his main instrument (acoustic guitar) to the next level with a sure staple of his show, the loop pedal. With the masterful ability to create his own band using his acoustic, voice and loop pedal, Adam takes audiences on a crazy rhythmic, melodic and precise ride that leaves show goers wanting Moore. Adam’s influences include the likes of Ed Sheehan, John Mayer, and Shawn Mendes. Drawing from their fluid, heartfelt and rhythmic sounds, Adam aims to take show-goers on a frenetic yet inviting ride into the world of music.

The 2018 List So Far…

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