Lineup 2018

Choppy Oppy

Washington, DC

Since 2010 Choppy Oppy has been exploring the never ending reaches of electronic music and pulling from these experiences to create music without borders of creativity. Fusing together various styles of bass music in sets and original productions, you’ll be taken on a journey through music that makes you think, or dance. You can find Choppy Oppy playing shows around the east coast as well as curating silent dance party sets for the With Love DC silent discos in Washington, DC; and playing various special events throughout the year.

The journey of Choppy Oppy began long before 2010, when Jared Oppenheim began DJing and producing electronic music. The genesis of Jared’s love for the creation of music was in his hometown of Orlando, Florida where he played guitar in a number of punk, hardcore, and experimental bands growing up. Jared’s first encounter with electronic music was an early 2000s road trip where he listened to the Urbal Beats 2 CD over and over again for hours, he was hooked on the sound. After 9 years of honing his DJ skills and soaking up influence from artists such as Youngsta, The Widdler, Kayla Scintilla,Russ Liquid and so many more, Choppy Oppy brings you performances that will captivate you from the first note and take you on a journey full of excitement, wonder and joy.

The 2018 List So Far…

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