Lineup 2018


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Industribe was born from a shared passion among friends. We are a weird and wonderful collective of five fire fiends based in Halifax, Nova Scotia! We are a multi-talented group of fire circus performers with certain members well versed in the arts of mixing music, and visual and textile arts. Since it’s founding year in 2011, Industribe has been keeping the flame alive. We have affirmed a fervent role for presenting fire shows at Maritime festivals during the summer months. We consider ourselves fortunate to extend our shows abroad in the winter while travelling overseas (Jamaica, 2011, Mexico, 2012, India, 2013-2015). Whether on parade, in front of a crowd of school children or at a community street party we provide an experience for showgoers to sense a togetherness under the elements of dance.

Our mission: to strike a spark of resistance. We desire to enlighten the artistic hearts out there, to encourage the artful expression of alternative lifestyles, ideas and ways of thinking. At any venue and in every town we ceremoniously strive to rekindle the imagination. We dance to illuminate the strength of people-powered projects. We gather to remind ourselves of our roots and of our ancient ties to the first master of destruction and change-the flame! We ignite a feeling of hope upon ourselves and in those around us. With burning ambition, we wish to be a light in these dark times of wastefulness and competition. We are dedicated to celebrating confidence…

Be it what motivates us, what moves us.  We fashion love to be the momentum that binds us.

The 2018 List So Far…

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