Lineup 2018


A lifetime spent searching sound. Another spent exploring energy. A third spent finding the connection between. All three were born again to create Horus. Formed to bring the light and energy that is music.

Horus first emerged in 2012 under different pseudonyms playing in places such as Montreal and Halifax in Canada. Travelling to places such as France, Spain, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Germany and Amsterdam he built his library for sound and emotion across continents.

Then going silent until 2015, the sound samurai came into fruition as Horus to play at the first JahVest festival in Canning, Nova Scotia. Becoming deeply involved in the Annual festival season on the east coast of Canada over the next few years Horus found the need to bring his energy to a wider audience and new level and he plans to do exactly that.

Never a show to miss, You will want to make this set every single time!

“If we happen to cross paths in our travels, don’t hesitate to say hi or share a thought or feeling. I’m much nicer under the mask, I promise.” – Horus

The 2018 List So Far…

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