Lineup 2018

DJ Rescue

Bangkok, Thailand

“For me, House has always been about creating an intense emotional connection with the music. When you find that connection within a solid dance floor groove, then you’ve found the essence of the Rescue sound.”

And that’s the sound that Denver-based DJ and Producer Rescue has been concocting and perfecting for the last 15 years – a sound that has become a staple throughout the crates of heavy hitters such as Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, DJ Dan, DJ Mes, Sneak, and many other top players in today’s house music movement.

Rescue’s signature blend of funk and soul combined with heavy dancefloor-driven beats has been consistently pushing the envelope within the house community, and the world has taken notice. With over 100 hit releases on some of the industries top labels such as Guesthouse, In Stereo, Lingo, Tango, Beatdown, Jungle Funk, and many more, his beats have proven to be a highly sought-after and deadly dance floor combination.

As a DJ, his signature sets showcase a highly technical prowess, with smooth 3-deck layering and top-notch music programming that truly brings a special vibe to the dance floor. A hectic touring schedule has brought his sound to dance floors around the world, and his studio efforts have propelled him into the upper ranks of the most in-demand artists. Upcoming studio collaborations with the likes of DJ Dan, Terry Mullan, and Christian Alvarez are in the works, as well as a host of fresh original material.

Now living in Bangkok, Thailand, Rescue holds multiple monthly residencies throughout Asia, and his schedule shows no signs of slowing down. The launch of his new label “Rescued Grooves” is sure to create some massive waves in the worldwide house community – be on the lookout for the first release in late 2015!!

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