Lineup 2018


Halifax, NS

Producing, performing and teaching under the moniker, “Spacefood”, Aaron Klingbeil has established himself as a source for uplifting, psychedelic trance and techno. His mission while as he performs (aside from getting his steps) is to carry his audiences’ minds and bodies to a level of elevated euphoria. Yes, yes, it sounds pretty cheesy, but seriously, researchers in Germany, using advances in neuroscience, report in the current issue of the journal, Cerebral Cortex, that running (and dancing) elicits a flood of endorphins in the brain. The endorphins are associated with mood changes, and the more endorphins a dancer’s body pumps out, the greater the effect! So what are we waiting for!? Grab your best dancing shoes, your comfiest Cat Hat and join Spacefood on his next adventure!

The 2018 List So Far…

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