Lineup 2018

The Shh

The Shanghai Hustle was born in 2011 when Nova Scotian native Logan Hudak relocated to Shanghai and immersed himself in the surreal nightlife scene in one of the world largest cities.

Logan had won the East Coast DJ Olympics, toured extensively through out the Maritimes, and performed as far away as Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. He was a staple in the Atlantic Canadian underground scene and a seasoned Evolve veteran.

Once he touched down in Shanghai he found himself playing locally 3 or 4 nights a week in some of the worlds most famous Asian nightclubs and soon after was sponsored by Hennessy and touring all over Asia playing super clubs and festivals every second weekend.

Now that he is back and running a monthly show in Halifax called Visionaires he has been making waves on the East Coast once again

His sound spans genres but has its roots in energetic techno and house. Music that makes you sweat and smile and forget the world around you.

THE SHH is back in town and ready to share his love for all things fun and funky!

The 2018 List So Far…

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