Lineup 2018

Corduroy Mavericks

Hypoluxo, Florida & Lexington, Kentucky

Part-time pranksters. Full-time music partners. Matt Mason and Rick Nielsen are Corduroy Mavericks. Weird name but fitting for the two creative forces. Is there a story behind CMavs? Yes, one that’s scribbled in sharpie and etched in random FB posts. It’s not about some type of fabric outlaw or rebellious outfit they once wore (although they both agree corduroy is the most musical of all the fabrics…think about it). It’s just a name that just sounds cool. A name that rolls off the tongue with a rhythmic cadence. A name that is memorable… just like their music.

It all started with a chance meeting in 2005…in Kentucky of all places…land of bourbon and horses and about as out of the way in terms of house music as you can get. But that meeting sparked a creative duo that has been a part of house music for more than a decade. A duo that has endured the shifting of the musical landscape.

Having donned tracks for some of the most seminal labels in the industry from Drop Music, Dufflebag, Tango, Hardkiss, Soul Fuel, Delecto, Sugar Shack, Flapjack, Odour, Coyote Cuts and more. Hustling out more that 300 tracks over the course of their careers. Multiple top 10 chart toppers and several number one hits have created a demand for them to play across the globe.

Today you can find Matt still living large in Lexington Kentucky and Rick enjoying the sunshine in South Florida. Still working together. Still best of friends.

The 2018 List So Far…

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