Lineup 2018


Halifax, NS

Nausikaa is a deep bass creature serving you mindful bass music that both invigorates and inspires. She is determined to effect you with sound and movement thatgrounds you into the roots of your purpose, uplifting and reviving people on dance floors across the Maritimes. Pulling from early UK bass and transformative style psychedelic music, Nausikaa’s performances are shape shifting experiences pulling from a plethora of genres and emotions.

Not afraid to take it slow, or go fast and hard, Nausikaa’s performances are always genre-explorative, pulling tracks influenced by moombahton, trap, dubstep, dub, D&B, night bass, psytrance,. Inspired by her travels in Latin America, and the political struggles of the people in many of those countries, her mixes always contain some sort of social narrative, whether vocally or through the mindfulness of the music chosen. Tracks by women and underrepresented artists are prevalent, as well as inspirational lyrics through many different tones and languages.

Nausikaa’s road to performing was a long and intricate one, consisting of social justice work in droves and across spectrums. She broke onto the festival scene as one of the main organizers of the only harm reduction crew east of Quebec, and now travels from festival to festival setting up safe, chill-out spaces for festival attendees. Growing from one festival to over five in just two years, her crew now also sets up spaces and hosts workshops at highschools and other community events, spreading information around safe drug use and the radical act of care. Caring for folks having tough experiences at festivals, she began to realize the need for conscious bass music, mixes created with intention to open a space for reflection and exploration. Nausikaa brings us back to the power of the low-end, of vigorous dancing, and of the community created on the dance floor.

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