Lineup 2018


Halifax, Nova Scotia

The shores of Eastern Canada are on the receiving end of the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean, it’s no secret that this is why the people of Nova Scotia are tough, determined and have a well known appetite to explore. One of their most recent sons, CRaymak, is starting to make a name for himself and when you listen to his work you’ll hear many of those characteristics coming through.

As a student of the high art that is Jazz, CRaymak is a multi-instrumentalist who was born to question the meaning on music, to voyage across it’s boundaries and discover new sounds. Using 15 years of Classical and Jazz theory, this is an artist that incorporates advanced chord sequences and musical arrangements into dance-floor ready cuts for the modern world.

Born in St. Johns, Newfoundland and growing up in Halifax, Christien Raymakers spent many of his formative days listening to the greats, Miles Davis, Randy Brecker, Pink Floyd, The Roots, Linkin Park, Bjork, System of a Down and plenty more. But is was when he immersed himself in the cutting edge beats of Skrillex, Flux Pavilion and Seven Lions that he decided that Dance Music was his calling.

Unsurprisingly for an artist with such a diverse knowledge of music, genres are open season and you’ll be hard pressed to put CRaymak in a pigeon hole. moving within the borders of bass music his sound is first and foremost hard, it is dynamic and always energetic.

The 2018 List So Far…

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