Lineup 2018

The Brood

Halifax, NS

The Brood is a group of time-travelling, genre-bending millennials who are trying to give you the buzz you think your parents had when they went out to dance.
Called “a beautiful smorgasbord of late 20th century radio hits” (Kimberly Sinclair, Spincount) their debut full length album Transistor (available now on SeaYou Records and Turtlemusik) is an imagistic collage of retro-tinged tunes that evoke pop music’s past, but maintains the band’s trademark originality. With a relative rawness and nonchalant virtuosity, The Brood’s live show has attracted a dedicated audience throughout the Canadian east coast. Legendary rocker Joel Plaskett at one time deemed them “the most interesting and exciting live band I’ve seen in Halifax in years.”

The 2018 List So Far…

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