Lineup 2018

Les Moontunes

Dieppe, Nouveau-Brunswick

Created in August 2015 in Moncton, N-B, Les MoonTunes is composed of a group of friends from various backgrounds. The 7 members are influenced by different musical genres such as heavy soul, psychedelic rock and Hip-Hop, and they blend their styles together to form a lunar entity.

Considering themselves a jam band, their sources of musical inspiration are improvised evenings, relaxation and their disco light that generates a magical atmosphere. Their song themes range from love and joy to melancholy and rage, all based on their life experiences. In addition to sharing beautiful music, their goal is to transform melodies into emotions.

Les MoonTunes’ plans for 2018 include releasing their debut album in the Fall of 2018 all the while expanding their audience by performing at various festivals and events throughout Eastern Canada.

The group is a harmony of voices, piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet and percussion performed respectively by Elijah, Miguel Dumaine, Patrick Gaudet, Samuel Frenette, Jérémie Poitras, Monica Ouellette and Martin Daigle.

The 2018 List So Far…

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