Lineup 2018

Calm Baretta

Charlottetown, PEI

Calm Baretta is a 4-piece alternative indie rock band from Charlottetown, P.E.I consisting of members of Coyote, Dylan Menzie, Liam Corcoran Band and Sorrey. Their debut single entitled ” Chilly Bones ” received a MUSIC PEI Award nomination for Song of the Year in 2018. Calm Baretta is a name chosen to reflect how a song can be both subtle and subdued while having large musical moments that are full of energy. the definition of calm is a collected feeling, while a Baretta is a pistol. Notice the tweak in spelling to dissociate with the weapon. Band member Laura Oakie describes their sound as 80’s pop but with a more modern approach while developing song structure, combining elements of electronic, folk, rock and experimental, it comes out sounding a bit like A-ha meets the War on Drugs.

The 2018 List So Far…

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