DJ Claire

Claire is a magical goddess from outer space. The daughter of a mad scientist and a violinist, she has an endless fascination with the intersections between random objects, sound art, performance, and electronic music. As a DJ her style is fresh and fearless: bass-heavy techno mixed with dark electro + breakbeat, disco, quirky minimal, funky tech-house, and retro nouveau funk a la mode. She has rocked the crowds across Canada, in NYC, Germany and Japan at places like Piknic Electronik, Soundwave, Evolve, The Sunseekers Ball, Subtonic NYC, Air Tokyo, The Lotus Sound Lounge, Salon Daome, the SAT and at her weekly Friday night home, Laïka alongside a wide range of acts such as Frivolous, Noze, Donald Glaude, Tipper, and Misstress Barbara. Futuristic, sensual, drummy, and always funky, her unique sounds destroy dancefloors and discerning ears alike. For Evolve this year Claire will be slowing it down and showing her funkier side, showcasing the new range of sounds she has only recently discovered upon entering Montreal’s playground.

As a sound artist she works with found sounds, field recording, technology + sensors to create interactive installations where movements are translated into sounds; a reflection of the delicate balance that exists between humans, technology, and the objects we create. Her latest project ///Friction involves three bicycles transformed into musical instruments that create “Bike techno” when played together. It was showcased by MUTEK in Montreal in May 2011. Equal parts composer, conceptual thinker and DJ, Claire brings a hypnotic intensity to the stage that reverberates her deep passion for all things rhythm and sound.



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