Owen Steel

Fredericton, New Brunswick

“Some of the greatest stories ever told, even to this day, are ones of adventure and discovery. Pioneers, who were claimed as insane, travelled across the vast oceans to find new lands of mystery and wonder. The voyage, grueling, and unbearable was all fueled by the hopes and dreams that there is something else out there, something to see, something to be inspired by, something to help the world become a smaller place. Music too has worked its way into making the world smaller than ever. With both the songs themselves moving across the country within days of its release, artists too are making that pioneering journey to spread their music for all to hear. Owen Steel, a man with a gentle heart from Eastern Canada, met with us and immediately took us on a search for a new location, a location that would carry the sounds of his story through our lives. His strong writing, and guitar composition shook the stair well, as though waves of the ocean were hitting our tiny wooden ship.”

– from Shot at The Dark, Calgary, March 2010 on Vimeo.



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