Steve the Viking

Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Viking will invade your feet and make you pillage the dance floor.

Steven began dj’n in 2000 due to great East Coast talent Mike Mathers, Magic Friend, David Anthony, Dale Mannette and of course SoundSyster. He began playing at the G-Spot in Fredericton and has since played numerous shows around the Maritimes, The Phoenix in Boston and all Evolve Music Festivals in Antigonish from Evolve 3 onward. He was first added to the Evolve Tribe in 2002 and then joined the Ultrasound Collective (Fredericton) in 2004. During his voyage he has played events alongside funky Djs such as Robb G, Simply Jeff, Myagi, Miss Honey Dijon, Jelo and MO7S to name a few.

His musical influences stem from grunge, industrial, death metal and punk as well as classical and many styles in between. Currently rocking some strange forms of minimal, quicky funk and sassy Bass Fueled Beats it is hard to catch a set with only one genre. His style focuses on long mixes, snappy hits, and bleepy little noises that when combined properly become full on funk. You can always expect high energy and a party hearty attitude from the Viking with styles to suit all situations.

Steve is currently working towards producing sounds he loves the most: inventive industrial beats with a funky edge. Some of his favorite artists include Trent Reznor, Emanuel Paglicci, Herve, Someone Else, Shusi Khijada, Yura Linber, Eyerer & Koletzki, Scooby, Minilogue, Kevin Rocks, Rekorder, Jonny Rock, Mike Steele, Phil Weeks, Audiofly, Noze, Habersham, James Zabiela, Dicky Trisco, Boogie Coorperation, 2020 Soundsystem and Ralph Lawson.



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