Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia

OKA have toured extensively, building a loyal fanbase and gaining an unforgettable reputation as crowd pullers, wherever they perform and were voted one of the top five memorable festival performances alongside festival headliners “Sting” and “Kiss” at last year’s Quebec Summer Festival. Past Canadian festivals also include the Montreal Jazz Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Montreal’s DiversCite and Shambhala, Evolve, Komasket and Calgary Stampede. They have successfully completed a huge summer at home, with standout main stage performances at festivals including Woodford, Island Vibe, Peats Ridge, The Dreaming, Earthfreq, Mullum Music Festival and Rainbow Serpent.

OKA consists of Stu Boga Fergie [aka: ‘Didgeristu’ – nicknamed by his Yakin Andu elders] – the big man behind the beats, and raw didgeridoo rhythms and vocals, Chris Lane – on Slide Guitar and Woodwinds, including Bansuri (Indian Bamboo), Chinese Bamboo, Silver Flute and Soprano Sax, and OKAs newest member Charles Wall [aka: Zappa] – brings an energetic urban Pacific roots rhythm, with strobe like moving drum sticks, and his own unique hybrid drum setup, blending the traditional drum kit with native percussion and drums.

Following four previous album releases their latest release,‘OKA LOVE’ shines an optimistic light on the beauty of Indigenous cultures, in a progressive style. Phatt organic earth rhythms in a smooth hi-fidelity sound that is full of uplifting melodies, tones and textures, all cooked over raw didgeridoo rhythms and dance driven grooves. The album recorded by Stu and Chris in their own studio in Coolum, came to life after the songs evolved from the bands extensive touring.

‘OKA LOVE’ is a celebration of Australian cultures, sinking deep into the roots of the Asia Pacific region. The OKA sound is deeply rooted in the laid back coastal style of their home.

Their signature is a smooth hi-fidelity sound that is full of beautiful uplifting melodies, tones and textures cooked over raw didgeridoo rhythms and phatt dance driven grooves.

A live collective where no two gigs are the same, the OKA flavor is their own hybrid of feel good Roots, Reggae, Dub and Jazz, marinated in Electronica and served on Island Time.

They have independently sold over 60,000 albums worldwide, a true testament to their ever growing appeal to people of all ages and cultures. It’s the kind of sound you spread the news about with an almost missionary fervor.

OKA’s hypnotic, high energy live performances are a spontaneous exploration into the sublime. They consistently set themselves apart as a festival crowd favourite with their originality, honesty, and passion.



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