Lloydy Lou

Red Deer, Alberta

Lloyd Calver aka ‘Lloydy Lou’ has been listening and collecting music since a young boy growing up in ‘Northern Manitoba’. By doing this he developed a ear for a great funky beat!! After picking up the bug for ‘Turntablism” back in 2000 after going to some clubs and after-hour type establishments, plus a couple of raves back in the day. Always interested it since back in high school and well loving all music really gave the push to buy his own set of decks and mixer!! It may have all started with his mom’s record collection, a lot seemed to transfer into his record box for some reason?…and then started buying and collecting vinyl, whenever, however and whatever he could get his hands on!!

As time went on and life kinda just happens he got away from the tables for awhile. Till he met some East Coast people, Nova Scotia to be exact! “Cody Wiggles I am forever grateful!!!” Inspired to start playing and buying music again, It was no surprise that anything ‘Funky’ would be pleasure to his ears!! So Funky it was and Funky It Is, Jazzy too, that sweet Jackin Chicago House Sound, Deep, Sexy even a little Techy at times, combine those sounds with his in your face mixing & graceful moves behind the decks as some have dubbed ‘The Lloydy Lou Shuffle’……”To me it’s just straight up house jackin” Getting the chance to play at a nightclub thanks to ‘Jacked Up Productions’ top dog James Carton aka ‘JACK?’…he got hooked!!!!

Opening for House heavy weights; Joshua Iz, Johnny Fiasco, Jay West, Neighbour and has played beside some ‘Great White North’ talent as; Dale Mannette, Mizz Maxine, Funkdub, Cody Wiggles, Jack?, DJ Nuke, Damien Moor and so many other great souls from the West to the East Coast of Canada!!

Most Recently having the chance to visit Chicago, Chi-Town, The Windy City, The Birthplace of House Music whatever you like to call it? Truly a great and humbling experience for him as he got to play ‘Chicago House’ in ‘Chicago’ with ‘Chicagoans’ live on ‘ChicagoHouseFM.com’ with ‘The Audiophiles DJ Jung & Q’….”I love HOUSE MUSIC and I Love to Play It!!” Being a true ‘House Head’ and forever a fan, taking off to Miami for the 2011 WMC’s was another enlightening experience that will never be forgotten, as to meet so many great people, make new friends and finally come face to face with fellow ‘House Heads’ from all over the world!!

NOW starting every Thursday night in May 2011 at 8:00pm MST “The House Dawg Radio Show” airing from Red Deer, AB broadcasting on the one & only CHFM www.chicagohousefm.com.

This boy was born and raised in Manitoba but now calls Red Deer Alberta home as he wants to share his strong love for……”The Only Music You Can Live In!!”….’HOUSE MUSIC’ With everyone one he meets to guide them to a perfect sound…..”Most People Don’t Know, They Love House Yet?!!…I am just trying to guide them in the right direction!!”



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