Farbsie Funk


Toronto, ON

DJ Farbsie, founder of the Make It Funky Collective got deep into funk at Mo’ Gravy in london in 1996 prior to that his musical influences were formed in the jam band scene traveling to over 400 shows across North America. Having collected thousands of records over the years in 2000 He first stepped up to the decks and the formative years for the Make It Funky Collective began.

In the years to follow Farbsie has been spreading the funk gospel and grooving dancefloors across the country. Fusing funky breaks with mowtown sounds, hiphop, calypso, reggae, and classic rock, Farbsie continues to push the boundries of where a dj can take you. Building a journey for the dancefloor that will have you smiling, shouting and singing along as you dance the night away.


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