Jinx the Cat


Saint John, NB

Jinx the Cat is a four piece rock reggae jam band that loves getting people movin and groovin with our blend of reggae, rock, and boots n’ cats. Jinx started with bass player Drake Adams, guitar player Josh McKinley, and drummer Craig Osburne (Bubba), but quickly added Drew Albert on keys. Having been together for a year now, Jinx has torn across New Brunswick, building a family of music lovers and bringing crowds together on the dance floor with their energetic live shows and psychedelic jams. They have shared the stage with Slowcoaster, Grand Theft Bus, Weak Size Fish, Wet Grow Light, The Ascot Royals, and many other fantastic acts. Jinx has been heard at the Sunseekers Ball, and will be hitting the 2012 festival season running with shows at Folly Fest, Woods Talk, Freedom Fest, and Evolve.


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