Dub Kartel


Halifax, NS

After bursting onto the scene in the fall of 2011 the members of Dub Kartel have managed to prove themselves worthy of the stage. They’ve quickly earned themselves a loyal fan base and a spot on the lineups of this summer’s most sought after Maritime music festivals.

The seven-piece group is made up of Ted Skiffington (drums), Jason Simpkin (guitar), Charlie Hill (bass), Tom Hill (trumpet / vocals), Ben Reed (Saxophone), Richard McNeil (synth), Badger Stout (Percussion) and Kyle McCracken aka KDZ (Vocals / FX). It’s a band forged through years of friendship, and a shared love for a vast array of genres and musical styles. The unspoken bond shared between the members of the band is almost freakish. It’s as if they can communicate telepathically… or at least that’s the only way to explain their masterful transitions.

These guys are as much entertainers as they are experimentalists. They’re constantly evolving and reinventing their signature sound. Drawing inspiration from many genres, their blend of roots reggae, dancehall and psychedelic music will leave you tingling. But if for some strange reason the music alone doesn’t immediately gift you an eargasm, then the stunning visuals will help you cum along. The by’s are currently tweaking a full soundscape adventure sure to indulge your eyes as well as your ears.

With every stage they conquer, this band is making fellow Nova Scotians beam with pride. They are a shining example of live music at its finest. They have fun, they look great, and they sound fucking sexy as hell. Don’t miss out on your chance to join Dub Kartel this summer at Evolve, Shakedown Ranch, Woods Talk, Freedom Fest, Collaborate & Listen, and many more jammin’ spots!


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