Kitchener, ON

Incredibly charming and a friend of animals everywhere, DJ Soapy brings a boom bangin’ brand of house music to Evolve.  With roots in Kitchener Ontario’s mid 90′s rave scene Soapy grew into electronic music under influences such as Mike Shannon, Richie Hawtin, and Frankie Bones.  Relocating to Toronto and becoming a staple party-goer at legendary clubs such as Industry, System Soundbar, and FootWork continued to lay the foundation for a future in all things house.  Recent years have seen Soapy teaming up with Halfway House Productions cronies to spread the house vibe. Currently you can hear Soapy’s brand of funky, techy, jackin’ disco at underground events throughout Toronto and Kitchener.  Be sure to not miss out on the good times when Soapy is behind the decks or on the floor.


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