Andy and Ariana


Wolfville, NS

Andy and Ariana play an original, acoustic fusion of roots, folk, jazz and world music. While Ariana weaves words and melodies interspersing fiddle and saxophone riffs, Andy vocalizes percussion, plays guitar, and operates parts of a drum kit with his heels. The result is a lively one, guaranteed to entertain.

Andy and Ariana have been making music together for 14 years. They have released 8 CDs and a music DVD. Their most recent CD production “Good to Be Home” (April 2012) is a studio recording involving several wonderful NS musicians (Adam Bazinet, Chris Robison, Ken Shorley, Ryan Hupman).

For the past seven years, Andy and Ariana have been happy to make their home in the Annapolis Valley and have been regularly performing at festivals and venues in Nova Scotia. They tour annually and produce concerts showcasing Nova Scotian musical talent every month. Their musical versatility and enthusiasm for collaboration have made them a hit at festivals and at home as they inspire others and share their passion for music and performance.

“Absolutely an incredible night of music… it was just total bliss to watch it all go down…THANK YOU for being so goddamn good and working so hard at it!”
-Jenny Osburn, owner of The Union Street Cafe and Wick Pub

“Pure, beautiful singing, great songs, grooves, cool & interesting lyrics, just right instrumental dialogue & punctuation, authenticity and great feel to the arrangements, with terrific spirit and humor.”
-Lars Kampe, songwriter

“The best part of the album though, is that you can hear them smiling. Andy and Ariana’s love of music and each other comes out loud and clear, shining like a National guitar. Their songs make you feel happy you know them, and happy to be alive.”
-Laura MacDonald, columnist for The Grapevine


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