Halifax, NS

Exploding from the heartland of Evolve, Canada’s best music festival (2010- CBC Spotlight) this trail blazing DJ has shot into the spotlight, opening for heavyweights like the UK’s Original Sin, Finland’s Muffler and France’s Dirtphonics at high profile events across the East Coast.

In the Garburator’s last few year he’s played hugely received sets at Tranceform:Us, Ultra Violet, Funk, Woods Talk and Down the Rabbit Hole. Along with a warmly rooted heart in the fundraising party circuit, he’s also blazed through Hell’s Kitchen, pulverized High Rev Thursdays, smashed up Break Out Thursdays, and Dao’d out Dubconscious.

His free spirited approach to music soars with the majestic grace of a Loon coasting across the Wobble, wowing crowds all over with his full on organic resickampling digital mash up style. When Garburator hits the decks it’s always fresh and his unrelenting barrage of the best Drum and Bass music has rocked all kinds of party crowds hard.


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