Charottetown, PEI

Coyote is five friends making uplifting progressive pop-rock from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. With an explosive and energetic live show, the group produces a blend of up-tempo indie rock and unleashes a wall of sound decorated with whimsical lyrics and brave leads. In their second year since conception, the band continues to play frequently from bars and lounges to gymnasiums and the deep woods. With over fifty live performances in their first year, Coyote has been gathering numbers and putting it all on the table show after show. They are now supporting their debut EP, Tracks, recorded by ECMA nominated and Music PEI Award winning recording engineer Jon Matthews of Big Grey Sound Studio in Prince Edward Island.

Raised and bonding in rural Eastern PEI, Coyote was formed between lead vocalist and guitarist Josh Carter, bassist Evan McCosham, and brothers Bruce and Bradford Rooney on lead guitar and keys, respectively. Catalyzing the reaction that drives the pack however is drummer and mainlander Mike King of Springhill, Nova Scotia.


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