Brooklyn / Montréal

Plumes is the new vehicle for singer-songwriter Veronica Charnley, composer Geof Holbrook and harpist Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau, who for five years and two albums have performed and recorded as Flotilla.

With a new self-titled album, they are breaking out the classical music chops, with arrangements for string quartets, brass quintets, clarinets and violas, and one eight-minute track inspired by the Greek myth of Hero and Leander, with a full orchestra. They’ve played alongside bands such as Afuche, Glass Ghost, Memory House, Valery Gore and The Acorn. Flotilla’s last album, “One Hundred Words for Water” received rave reviews from Exclaim!, NPR, Montreal’s The Hour, and blogs such as Herohill and Citizendick.


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