San Francisco, CA

Think back to when you were 16.

No one could tell you what to do. You were a force to be reckoned with – filled with the undeniable feeling that you could take on anything and win. Having formed in 1994, Deerhoof has now reached that fateful age and by rites it’s their turn to go out and challenge the world.

The result – the band’s eleventh album, is Deerhoof vs. Evil, and Polyvinyl Records are excited to announce they have joined forces with Deerhoof for the album’s release next year.

The New York Times call Deerhoof “one of the most original rock bands to have come along in the last decade” and, frankly, we couldn’t agree more.

The same way a rebellious teen turns tough and irrational, before making the album Greg Saunier, Ed Rodriguez, John Dieterich and Satomi Matsuzaki just up and split from San Francisco, the only home they’ve ever known as a band, and left behind all notions of what a “Deerhoof record sounds like.”

Self-recorded, mixed and mastered in rehearsal spaces and band members’ basements with no engineers or outside input, Deerhoof vs. Evil dresses up Deerhoof’s well-known recklessness in exuberant colors, big-hit sentimentality, and an elastic dancyness unique in their storied catalog.

It is Deerhoof’s ode to their adolescence. A gawky triumph.


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