Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Psylozen will take you through a universe of music from all around the world, fusing old with new, digital with analog, leaving no turn unstoned.

Originally getting exposed to the rave scene in Fredericton’s (New Brunswick, Canada) warehouse parties in the early ’90s, Psylozen got serious about djing once he moved to Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) in the spring of ’99. The decade since then has led him deep into the fractal forests of psychedelic sounds, leaving him with a unique taste in music. Favouring long, multilayered mixes, today he is one of only a handful of people on the east coast of Canada championing the psychedelic music that traces it’s lineage directly to the Hippy movement of the ’60s. When he’s not busy playing at Psy festivals and events in Quebec and Ontario, he is promoting special one-off events as part of the Nova Psychotia collective.



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