Moncton, New Brunswick/ Toronto, Ontario

Reggae-metal inspired by Stompin’ Tom!

Family is the foundation of this rockin’ reggae-metal wrecking crew that was founded in 2009 which is comprised of brothers Jason MacLean (guitar & vocals), and Johnny MacLean (bass & vocals), and their cousin Jonas Colter (drums). Jay Cleary (lead guitar) and Sam Blue (keys) more times than not join the fun! Meateus draws from influences such as Black Sabbath, Peter Tosh, The Misfits, and Bob Marley and sparked pandemonium last summer at Stompin’ Tom Day, Evolve, and Salty Jam.

Fact: Jason MacLean was acknowledged as Stompin’ Tom’s biggest fan in Canada by Stompin’ Tom himself! Jason, sitting front row center at Harbour Station, was called to stand mid-show by Stompin’ Tom. Stompin’ proclaimed Jason as his “number one fan”. Jason helped found an official “Stompin’ Tom Day” in Saint John.

Fact: Jay Cleary’s parents also met at a Stompin’ Tom Concert in Sudbury on a Saturday Night, and Jay was born on February 9…. Stompin’ Tom’s birthday.



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