July 6-9, 2018
Moncton, NB

Lineup 2017

Here it is – the lineup of artists that will be performing at the 2017 Evolve Festival.   And there’s a lot more to come.  We’ll be unveiling more performers to you as artists are confirmed.  Keep checking back for more.  (It’s going to be sooo great!)

Sam Roberts Band at Evolve 2017 Sam Roberts Band
arrested Development Arrested Development
Xavier Rudd
Coleman Hell at Evolve 2017 Coleman Hell
Black Tiger Sex Machine Black Tiger Sex Machine
Too Many Zooz Too Many Zooz
rezz at evolve REZZ
Radio Radio at Evolve Radio Radio
Flinch at Evolve Flinch
worthy Worthy
Defunk Defunk
Zeke Beats Zeke Beats
DJ Shub
Deeza at Evolve 2017 Dezza
Rich Aucoin at Evolve Rich Aucoin
Stranger at Evolve Stranger
Slowcoaster at Evolve Slowcoaster
abstrakt sonance at evolve Abstrakt Sonance
Nitti Gritti at Evolve 2017 Nitti Gritti
Wet Paint at Evolve Wet Paint
Strange Future at Evolve Strange Future
Construct at Evolve 2017 Construct
Dub Kartel at Evolve Dub Kartel
CRaymak at Evolve 2017 CRaymak
Moontricks Moontricks
Jont and the Infinite Possibility at Evolve Jont & the Infinite Possibility
Chuurch Chuurch
Pineo & Loeb at Evolve PINEO & LOEB
Coyote at Evolve 2017 Coyote
P-80 at Evolve 2017 P-80
les Paiens Les Païens
Like a Motorcycle at Evolve 2017 Like a Motorcycle
walrus at evolve Walrus
Sorrey Sorrey
Party Boots at Evolve 2017 Party Boots
Hello Delaware Hello Delaware
VeeV at Evolve VeeV
The Brood at Evolve The Brood
Stephen Lewis at Evolve Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of Fun
The Hypochondriacs The Hypochondriacs
The Barrowdowns at Evolve 2017 The Barrowdowns
DJ Tom Fleming at Evolve DJ Tom Fleming
Industribe at Evolve 2017 Industribe
elephant skeletons Elephant Skeletons
apriskah at Evolve 2017 Apriskah
Jules Bangsworth
Living~Stone at Evolve Living~Stone
Gratefully Dedicated Sound System
FAWNA at Evolve 2017 FAWNA
Incendia Motus
Ben Rama at Evolve Ben Rama
Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble at Evolve Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble
T.Thomason T. Thomason
Les MoonTunes at Evolve Les MoonTunes
Tommy Knuckles
Eastcoast Love Story at Evolve Eastcoast Love Story
Mizz Maxine at Evolve Mizz Maxine
Leiya at Evolve 2017 Leiya
Deks at Evolve Deks
KittyBass at Evolve 2017 KittyBass
Wobble Wallah at Evolve 2017 Wobble Wallah
zora the sultan Zora The Sultan
Weak Size Fish at Evolve 2017 Weak Size Fish
Aryn Benoit vs. Breaks Breen at Evolve 2017 Aryn Benoit vs. Breaks Breen
Wildfire at Evolve 2017 Wildfire
PsyPhi at Evolve 2017 PsyPhi
Scout at Evolve 2017 SCOUT
Djeeh Bear at Evolve 2017 Djeeh Bear
Lyra at Evolve Lyra
The Galpines at Evolve The Galpines
Joyful Noise at Evolve 2017 Joyful Noise
SYSTMS at Evolve 2017 SYSTMS
synesthesia at Evolve 2017 Synesthesia
Troy Power at Evolve Troy Power
DERB at Evolve 2017 DERB
Skeemer at Evolve Skeemer
DJ Raspekt
khev at evolve KhEv
Mrs. Hippie at Evolve 2017 Mrs. Hippie
nebullama at evolve Nebullama
Evolution Sounds at Evolve Evolution Sounds
Dylan Miller at Evolve 2017 Dylan Miller
jacksonstrut at Evolve 2017 Jacksonstrut
The Jugglin’ Bubblers
snarlsbarkley at Evolve 2017 SnarlsBarkley
Woodsworthy at Evolve 2017 Woodsworthy
CLM at Evolve CLM
Lash Larue at Evolve Lash Larue
Mulligan at Evolve Festival Mulligan
Harmsworth at Evolve 2017 Harmsworth
BRODNCE at Evolve 2017 BRODNCE
Nausikaa at Evolve 2017 Nausikaa
Bustin' at Evolve 2017 Bustin’
TroubleSum at Evolve TroubleSum
Brett Jones at Evolve 2017 Brett Jönes
Sensi Bros BBQ at Evolve 2017 Sensi Bros BBQ
jo riddles Jo Riddles
Math Class at Evolve Math Class
salmon jazz Salmon Jazz
The Tortoise the Hare & the Millionaire at Evolve The Tortoise, the Hare, and the Millionaire
Komah at Evolve Komah
Sweet Lew at Evolve 2017 Sweet Lew
Matty Mofo at Evolve 2017 Matty M%rf#r
Siri at Evolve 2017 Siri
CoolTrainerCody at Evolve CoolTrainerCody
San Miguel at Evolve 2017 San Miguel
Glad Its Night at Evolve 2017 Glad Its Night
STiRFRY at Evolve 2017 STiRFRY
Jerry Faye at Evolve 2017 Jerry Faye
Fuzz Fiction at Evolve Fuzz Fiction
Hum and Hollow Hum & Hollow
AG Alchemy Yoga at Evolve 2017 AG Alchemy Yoga
A Tribe Called Sweat w/ Jeremie Saunders at Evolve A Tribe Called Sweat w/ Jeremie Saunders
The Montgomery St. Band at Evolve The Montgomery St. Band
echonomics at Evolve Echonomics
Jamie Comeau at Evolve Jamie Comeau
Josh McKinley at Evolve 2017 Josh McKinley
Bones at Evolve 2017 Bones
Spiffy Labs at Evolve Spiffy Labs

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